What to Expect When Returning a Miami Copier

It’s time to bring back that old copier, your lease is up, and you might be thinking about a new copier with a new lease. So, what is the problem? You are directly responsible for all costs and work concerning the packaging, copier, and freight. Not only are you responsible for the costs and work, if anything happens to the machine during its packaging and delivery, you have to pay for that too. You might as well consider the insurance plan to cover that as well.

So you call the copier company that you have a lease with to set it all up, but they tell you that it will cost you $800-$1000 to ship, but they will provide that all for free if you just lease your next copier with them. You would just rather deal with the same copier representatives; get a new lease, and a new copier without all of the hassles that come with handling the return of your Miami copier personally.

If you read between the lines:

You basically have the leasing company wanting to sell another lease, and another copier company wanting to sell another copier.