When to Walk Away…

Creepy-SalesAre you looking to purchase a copier in Miami and things seem to have gone oddly.  Sometimes it is good to know when to walk away from a copier deal.  Copiers are expensive and the choice you make today can affect your business for years to come.  So, how can you tell when it is time to walk away from your copier deal?

Changing Costs

The first good sign that it is time to walk away from a copier deal is if the prices are changing and in flux from the time you get your first quote until you are ready to purchase the copier.  A few hundred bucks makes sense, if it is thousands…  they were either trying to soak you initially, or they are trying to now…  Either way, that is a really bad sign of things to come with your Miami copier purchase!

Bad Gut Feel

You may listen to your copier rep and have a nagging feeling that either they don’t know what they are talking about, or that they are being dishonest.  In either case, it is better to run than to hope for the best.

Old Used Equipment is All that is Offered: 

Getting a used copier may be a great deal, but if used copiers is all that is offered, it is time to start wondering why this company is not able to sell new copiers.  If a company has some new copiers and some used copiers, this makes sense.  If they are only offering used, they do not have a relationship with a good manufacturer.  Why?

Pushing Hard for One Part of the Deal:

We all want to make a sale.  This is normal, but if there is a part of the deal, especially an expensive part that the rep won’t let go of even after you explained you don’t have interest in the copier, this is also a bad sign.

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