Why Copier Training Makes Sense

People will throw thousands of dollars into their next copier, but the strange part is that few people take the time to receive adequate training or installation for the device. When you pay between $200 to $400 for training and installation, you will learn how to cut your daily tasks to half the time. That saves money long term. Of course, you have a lot of companies who say that it is free when they should say that it is included.

How does training save time with the copier? Well, what if you need to print flyers for your sales reps, but you only want 1/4 page flyers? You have the promo file, but you do not know what to do next. First, you print it, shrink it and shrink it again. Next, you cut it and paste it and finally copy. Sound like a lot of work?

Instead of doing that, training would let you make four copies and use the paper saver where the copier will calculate it for you and create hand flyers. With this method, it takes 30 seconds rather than 20 minutes.

Benjamin Franklin once said Time is money. What other time saving techniques might you be missing with inadequate training?