Why you Should Secure Your Copier

Cyber security has become a growing concern to business owners and employees alike. With more security breaches happening than ever before it is crucial to protect your data. Most people rely on network security to protect them from hackers. However, even the strongest network security isn’t enough to keep yourself totally protected.

Securing your copier is a vital part of protecting your company from data loss. Not everyone is aware, but there is a hard drive inside all copiers in offices around the country. These hard drives are necessary for the copier to carry out certain tasks that make them the powerful office machines they are today.

However the hard drive also creates and saves a copied image of every document that has ever been printed or copied on your machine. This means that if someone was to gain access to your copier’s hard drive that they would be able to see a wide range of information.

If you are not careful then you could lose:

  • Social security numbers
  • Personal contact information
  • Home Addresses
  • Classified business information

It’s not worth the risk to not secure your data. That’s why companies like Xerox offer optional security packages to help reduce the risk of a cyber-attack.

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