Xerox, Always Leading the Way

Today’s business climate is changing rapidly. New technologies are being developed almost every single day and they continue to be integrated into the way that businesses conduct themselves. Not that long ago color-copierdesktops dominated the workplace but today everything seems to be smart phones, tablets and the cloud.

Everything used to be done on paper and stored in file cabinets. Floppy disks were used for back up storage and the copier was the king of the office place. Now things are being moved to more efficient things like hard drives that save  lot of office space.
Xerox has been at the head of this technology charge. In the past they were revolutionizing the dry copying process and now they are leading the charge in terms of network connectivity and document storage. They have been able to develop a premium could based printer and copier application for smart phones and tablets.
Xerox still makes advanced copier machines that are equipped with ethernet, LDAP and active directory integration. They are also equipped with faxing and scanning capabilities.

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