Xerox Colorqube Copiers in the Miami Area

Xerox-ColorQubeAre you interested in a Xerox Colorqube copier in the Miami area?  Maybe you like the 3 tier billing, maybe you like the look of the wax, or maybe it is just what your copier rep is pushing and you are just doing some research.  Whatever the case, we would like to help you out.  There are situations where the Colorqube copiers work better, and situation where there are not quite as good of a fit.

Times to Avoid the Colorqube copiers:

  • When you have people in from the field and need to make a fast copy hours after the last use.  The warm up time is super slow when used this way.  Of course you can set it to not enter the hibernation mode, but if you do that it will suck a lot more power.
  • When you have prints that are going to stay in cars or dashboards for days and need to retain color quality.  Copies will actually change colors when in the sun a long time
  • When needing to print envelopes for mailers – will smudge some going through the postal equipment making the end deliverable look a bit sloppy.

When to look at the Colorqube copier in Miami:

  • When you want to be charge black and white rates for spot color
  • When you care the most about the bottom line costs
  • When you are trying to be more environmentally friendly

If you have any questions on the award winning Colorqube copiers by Xerox, please give us a call.  The Colorqube copiers are the Colorqube 8700, Colorqube 8900, Colorqube 9301, Colorqube 9302, and the Colorqube 9303