Xerox Continues to Impress

Today’s XEROX

Today old technologies are disrupted by new innovations each and every day. Just ten years ago, desktop computers, each running on their own operating system and networked to an office server were dominant. Within just a few years, desktops were disrupted by smart phones, tablets, and cloud computing.

Twenty-five years ago virtually everything in our offices was done on paper. File cabinets and floppy disks were our back-up storage systems and the copier was king. Fast forward a few years later and our file cabinets are being replaced massive hard drives using complex, redundant data bases stored in secure location around the world.

XEROX, inventors of the dry copier and ink jet printer machines, faced an evolutionary challenge. XEROX scientists, the historic inventors of the first computer, mouse, and office server; have once again transformed their company once again. Today XEROX has one of the greatest systems for enterprise file sharing and document storage. And the company developed a premium, cloud based printer/copier applications for smart phones and tablets.

And XEROX still makes advanced copier machines equipped with Ethernet, LDAP and Active Directory integration, scanners, and fax machines. Call your Miami XEROX sales representative today and find out if a XEROX machine is right for your office.