Xerox – Creating a More Sustainable Office

Xerox is committed to sustainability, and it helps you find different ways to work better, faster, and smarter. Xerox has worked tirelessly to find solutions to make workspaces more sustainable. 

Xerox inverted technologies to enable duplex printing and equipped its units to use recycled paper. These technologies have become second nature for many other manufacturers.

Following are some tips for using the latest product functionalities and features to ensure your workspace is sustainable. Copier Miami can help you achieve all these goals. 

Steps to follow to make your workspace more sustainable

  • Use print drivers to ensure printing sustainability. You have to use the default setting of the printer driver to print on both sides of a single sheet automatically. If you can deselect the cover sheets, you can avoid printing a sheet. You can use a watermark or conspicuously place your initials or other identifiers on the sheet. 
  • Only choose EnergyStar certified MFPs and copiers that come with EPEAT and EPA Energy Star logos. These units consume less energy and power no matter what stage they are in their life cycle.
  • Make sure to verify the authenticity of your toner cartridges. There are counterfeit toner cartridges available on the market. These are a combination of remanufactured or refilled cartridges repackaged in original Xerox packaging. These toner cartridges lack quality, safety, and reliability.
  • You can engage your employees in different ways using the Xerox Print Awareness Tool. This tool creates awareness about the impacts of their various printing decisions. This Awareness Tool can communicate different office news with various other customizable posting features.
  • Transform your paper documents into more usable and flexible Excel and Word formats using ConnectKey Apps. This allows you to translate them into other languages. You can conveniently convert your printed documents into digital resources. 

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