Your Copier Rep Quits or Gets Laid Off…What Now?

You have a great copier representative, but they were laid off or are quitting to head for greener pastures. In general, people do not like copier representatives, so when you find a good one, you want to keep them around.

What do you do when your copier rep was laid off or quit? First, you have to understand that every business operates with an unspoken mode of operation. Perhaps you have a rep who knows that you will not pay for shipping, so they will take care of that detail. Maybe you overpaid for something, so they want to give you cheaper toner. Whatever the arrangements, always put them in writing for protection.

While it might feel awkward to ask them in an email to outline the procedures, if you do not ask, the company may not honor the special arrangements when a new representative takes his or her place. You will feel frustrated and look for a new copier company because it felt like they did not honor their commitment.

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