Used Copiers

Used Copiers

By Marketing Group / May 23, 2016 / Comments Off on Used Copiers

If you’re interested in saving money, have we got a deal for you! Who doesn’t love getting a great deal? Especially when you get a great product for much less that you would spend for new? If you re in the market for copier for your business, have you considered the option of buying used copiers?…

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Buy a used copier

By Marketing Group / April 15, 2016 / Comments Off on Buy a used copier

Everyone wants to save a few bucks, right? Many of us can be found perusing Craigslist daily for great deals on used items including cars, furniture and tools. Did you know that you can find similarly amazing deals when you buy a used copier from our Miami sales and leasing specialists? You probably haven’t considered the option but…

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Lease a color copier

By Marketing Group / March 15, 2016 / Comments Off on Lease a color copier

Like most entrepreneurs, you have many important decisions to make when it comes to running your business. You need good staff, a good operations plan and an efficient office environment. We are in business to support you and your office equipment needs. Maybe it’s time for your business to lease a color copier? Our color copier leasing…

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Miami Copier Sales

By Marketing Group / October 30, 2013 / Comments Off on Miami Copier Sales

When businesses in Miami are searching for copiers to help keep their workers going throughout the day, Xerox is typically the best choice. No matter what the project, Xerox copiers are going to be able to fit in the office and perform the tasks at hand. Most Xerox copiers are large units that are multi-functional,…

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Copier Buying Tips

By Marketing Group / September 27, 2013 / Comments Off on Copier Buying Tips

Copier Buying Tips and Tricks Before you buy you buy your next copier here are some tips and tricks to help you get the best deal possible: 1. Consider buying a refurbished copier. Refurbished copiers are not only more environmentally friendly (you are saving a copier from ending up in a landfill) but they are…

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Finding the Perfect Miami Copier Fit

By Marketing Group / June 1, 2013 / Comments Off on Finding the Perfect Miami Copier Fit

Many people tend to believe that the largest companies make the best copier machines. However, this is a myth that not only runs rampant in the copier business but also is widely considered as true in almost all technology related arenas. The perception is that bigger is better, but the quality of a copier machine…

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When to Walk Away…

By Marketing Group / April 7, 2013 / Comments Off on When to Walk Away…

Are you looking to purchase a copier in Miami and things seem to have gone oddly.  Sometimes it is good to know when to walk away from a copier deal.  Copiers are expensive and the choice you make today can affect your business for years to come.  So, how can you tell when it is…

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Used Copiers for Sale in Miami

By Marketing Group / March 23, 2013 / Comments Off on Used Copiers for Sale in Miami

If you are a business in Miami, and you are looking for a copier, it may serve you well to look at a used copier for the same reasons a used car can be a better deal than a new car.  Copier machines often get much cheaper after just a few years use.  The only…

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